Call for Nominations – 2018

The Ohio Council on Family Relations (OHCFR) Advisory Board is seeking nominations for President-Elect and three student representatives. Advisory board members must be members of the National Council on Family Relations (students – OHCFR will pay for you to join NCFR!). The Advisory Board holds two face-to-face meetings typically in June and December as well as two phone conferences, one in the spring and one in the fall, which advisory board members are expected to attend. To retain membership on the Board, a member shall not miss more than 50% of the scheduled meetings. Newly elected advisory board members are expected to attend the December 2018 advisory board meeting which will be held in December at a location to be determined later in the year.

The timeline for the election is as follows:

OPEN Nominations – in progress – click HERE to make a nomination

CLOSE Nominations – 11:59 November 1

ACCEPT Nomination – by November 9

OPEN Voting – November 15

CLOSE Voting – November 30

WELCOME New Board – December 14 (meeting)

A description of each position which will have a vacancy as of December 2018 and the respective responsibilities for that position follow:

President-Elect: The President-elect serves a two-year term before taking office as the President of OHCFR. Following the end of the president’s term, the person becomes immediate past-president for two years.

Duties of the president-elect are:

  • Serve as a member of the Executive Committee
  • Serve as program chairperson for the annual meeting.
  • Provide the incoming president-elect with a summary report of the annual meeting planning procedures.
  • Assume the duties of the president should the president be absent, incapacitated, resign or die.

3 Student Members: Student representatives are nominated from the undergraduate and/or graduate student membership, each to serve a two-year term. Student members must have student status at the time of their election to the Advisory Board.

The student representatives to the Advisory Board shall:

  • Serve as contributing, voting members of OHCFR’s Advisory Board.
  • Attend the Advisory Board meetings.
  • Work with the OHCFR Advisory Board to address needs and interests of student members.
  • Provide ideas and assistance with recruiting students.

Upon submission of paid NCFR membership dues to the secretary-treasurer, student board members will be reimbursed for NCFR student membership dues at student level 1, which includes not more than one journal.

2 student representatives’ terms of office will be from January 2019-December 2020.

1 student representative’s term of office will be from January 2019 – December 2019.

Link for Call for Nominations:

National Council on Family Relations
The Ohio Council on Family Relations is an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations