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Meet Gloria “Glo” Redding. Her passion to connect with families to enrich lives and support the next generation has been evident in her life’s work. In this edition, we highlight her rich history and many contributions to the field.

+ Where did you get your education, and in what field?  

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio  Master of Liberal Studies – Human Ecology   Bachelor of Science – Home Economics 

+ What was your most favorite or relevant class and why? 

Family Systems Theory – I have always been interested in human development interactions and the behaviors within the family unit. I know now that family values play a major role in actions within personal social environments.  As a young child, I noticed certain roles and rules within my core family, extended family, and friends that paved the way for expectations and personal life goals.             

What inspired you to go into the field / what got you into this work? 

My family interactions were very interesting, and I always found myself observing and trying to figure out my family dynamics and other human relations.  

+ What are your particular interests within this field?  

How family values actions are taught and established with the family.  

+ How long have you been working with families? In what other family-related positions have you worked?  

I have worked with families professionally for over fourth years. I began babysitting but we won’t count that.   

GLO: Generating Learning Opportunities, LLC   Founder / CEO ● Author   Education & Family Life Consultant ● Trainer ● Speaker                  

The Ohio Department of Education (retired)        

Family and Community Engagement Outreach Administrator   

Office of Safe and Supportive Learning Environments 

Assistant Director, GEAR UP Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction/Career Technical Education   

Middle/High School Transformation Team 

Ohio Schools to Watch, Co-Coordinator 

Consultant, Career-Technical Education 

The Ohio State University    

College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences  Extension Associate, Personnel Unit/Recruitment and Retention 

Minority Student Retention Associate 

College of Human Ecology, Human Development and Family Science, Adjunct Professor 

Young Scholars Program – Academic Affairs  Assistant Regional Program Director  

Columbus Health Department  

Franklin County WIC (Women Infants and Children’s Program)  

Nutritionist, Outreach Worker   

+ What is your current position? What does your job entail / what are your responsibilities in your role? Who do you generally work with (children, adolescents, adults, families, etc.)? How did you come to be part of this organization?  

I am currently the CEO, Founder, Education and Family Life Consultant of GLO: Generating Learning Opportunities. I began this company out of my need to give back to the community.  GLO is an expansion of my life commitment to engaging and empowering families, educators, and communities. I provide training, speaking, consulting, coaching, and outreach and program development.  This role allows me to contribute my wisdom, knowledge, and passion for family values, academic achievement that can lead to personal success.   

My work is with families, educators, and communities with a focus on education/academic achievement, parenting, family life, and personal development.  I work with social service agencies, schools, companies, churches groups and individuals serving parents, families, and children. My interactions are with families facing challenges that include, court ordering parenting, divorcing couples, foster parents, single parents, reentry programs and those who just want to gain additional knowledge.  My primary clients are women age 18 – 45 who are seeking to enhancement life strategies.   

+ How did you come to be part of this organization?  

I began this company out of my need to give back to the community.  I candidly offer perspectives from my professional work experience, education, research, family advocacy, and personal parenting experience. 

+ What do you find troubling or frustrating about your position? 

I know that we live in a society of injustice and inequality towards those in need. Many individuals did not have the opportunity to establish basic family values, which simply means that life will be more challenging without a good foundation from which to build.  

 I could be more empowered with additional staff, resources, partnerships, and sponsors. A college intern would be helpful.  

+ Do you have any funny/heartwarming/memorable experiences from your time with this organization that you would like to share?  

After each one-on-one or group encounter, I leave inspired that someone has gained knowledge and additional family life skills. I often say that we should not hold people accountable for what they just do not honestly know about family relations and human development.  

+ Overall, what has been your best experience(s) working in this field, or what do you feel is the best part of doing what you do?  

I am motivated when I am sharing information in a class or workshop and I see that light bulb comes on – that moment when a person gets it. This is a life-changing moment for my clients and rewarding for me.  

+ Overall, what has been your biggest accomplishment? 

Completing my book – “Generating Learning Opportunities”, even in spite of the many obstacles.  It allowed me to reconnect with my clients specially and use my experience to encourage them to push on toward their goals.   

Ohio State University – The Young Scholars Programming (1988) –  this leadership experience allowed me the opportunity to lead our new team. We implemented programs to increase enrollment of minority college-eligible students in ten cities across Ohio. This included managing program design, administration framework, budget, staffing, and policy development. The program included academics, internships, parent programming, mentor for each student, and community volunteer programs. These efforts grew statewide student enrollment from 200 to 2,000 students resulting in increased high school graduation and college enrollment.  

+ What do you still hope to accomplish with your work?  

I would like to connect with more parents who have responsibility for our precious next generation. The rules have changed, and we have to get the word out to them.  

+ If you could do your “dream job” in the field, what would that look like? 

I’m doing it now, but it would be enhanced to touch the lives of more people.  

+ Do you have a mentor or was there someone who really helped you out in this field?  What was it that they offered to you? 

Dr. Barbara Newman, my former advisor, and professor of Human Development in Human Development and Family Science at The Ohio State University and Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Development 

and Family Studies, University of Rhode Island 

Upon entering The Ohio State University, she recognized that neither of my parents graduated from high school and sensed that I would need support. She mentored and advised throughout undergrad and informed me that I was going to go on to graduate school. She provided guidance and support to not only me but many students over the years.  

+ What advice would you give to a student considering going into the Family Science major? 

Have a real passion and patience for family dynamics and interactions.  Be focused on how you can help through personal interactions, research or administration.  

+ What advice would you give to a new generation of graduates going into the field? 

The same as above in addition to knowing that you may start out embedded with assessing needs, and maybe even walking with families through life-changing processes. You have to be passionate, a diverse thinker and understand resource management.  

+ What is a “must-read” book for those interested in Family Science? 

Generating Learning Opportunities by Gloria Redding – it provides an insight into a real-life situation with ideas and solutions.   

+ What is your most used or go-to Family Science resource?  

Google with an open mind – for any and every subject  

+ To what professional organizations do you belong? 

National Council of Family Relations (NCFR) – Emeritus Member 

Central Ohio Parent Leadership Training Institute (COPLTI) 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. (DST) 

National Society for Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) 

Dive Movement  

+ What do you like to do in your free time? 

bible study, traveling, reading, sewing, home decorating, healthy cooking  

+ How do you practice self-care? What is your favorite way to de-stress?  

exercise (walking and Zumba), music, time with family and friends 

What do you do to effectively balance your work and family? 

Ongoing I attempt to create a spiritually, mentally, and physically balanced life.  

+ Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself, your work, or your family?  

My book, experience, research, career, life, and living demonstrates the power of good, strong, family values. 


Family Values with Actions That Lead to Academic Achievement 

Family Values Lead to Academic Achievement 






Strong Work Ethic 

Actions That Support Academic Achievement 


Open Communication 

High Expectations 

Parental Involvement 

Daily Homework 

I strongly believe that OSU Family Science, Education, and other higher education social sciences could provide a great service to research ways to engage in the healing of our families in our communities,  

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