your vote is NEEDED – bylaw revisions

The Ohio Council on Family Relations (OHCFR) has reviewed its By-laws and is asking its members to vote on the recommended changes.  If you live in Ohio and are a member of the National Council on Family Relations, you are a member of OHCFR.

The ballot contains only the article/section where changes are being recommended. The changes involve proposed deletions and additions (as noted below and on the ballot).

Please vote by May 26th 2023. These proposed changes will be effective if two-thirds of the voting members approve the changes. 

1. Please review the changes being proposed HERE.

* if interested, the complete By-laws that were last ratified in March of 2019, can be accessed HERE.

2. Please approve or deny the changes by filling out the ballot HERE.

If you have a question or point of discussion, please contact Audrey Kraynak, President, at [email protected]

National Council on Family Relations
The Ohio Council on Family Relations is an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations