Complicated Grief Through the Veil of the Pandemic

watch the recorded webinar here


The purpose of the webinar is to provide evidenced-based information about the influence/impact of the pandemic on the grief process and to provide resources to deal with grief and build coping skills, i.e., adaptive strategies.

♦ to define Thanatology and the importance of using scholarly research and best practices when everyone is a pandemic grief expert

♦ to recognize that pandemics are change agents causing compounding losses and complicated/dysfunctional grief

♦ to recognize how the pandemic has changed the universal grief process including a quick look at race, hospice and professional caregivers

♦ to define complicated grief

♦ to introduce Neimeyer and Lee’s new Coronavirus Anxiety Scale 2.0 and the Pandemic Grief Scale

♦ to provide resources and adaptive strategies that may help reconstruct the shattered assumptive world view, alleviate the feelings of unfinished business and the ambiguous losses related to the pandemic


Sue Maxymiv is a CFLE, earned her Master of Arts degree from Kent State in the Human Development/Family Studies & Gerontology Program.  She has been involved in research that focuses on programs and resources that affect children’s grief as well as been a bereavement specialist with funeral homes and other programs where grief occurs.

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